How I Became An Acupuncturist

My patients ask me on a fairly regular basis how I came to be an acupuncturist? So I thought I would share the path that led me to practice this wonderful, wise system of medicine.

My story starts in 1968/69 with a strawberry roan coloured pony called ‘Fudge’ and his owner, my best friend, Beccy. At 8/9 years of age we were pony mad girls and shared many hours with Fudge, taking it in turns to walk and ride. I still remember Fudges’ ejector habits. He took mischievous delight in depositing Beccy and I, unceremoniously, on our backsides during the last canter of the day on her grandparents lawn. Yes, I did say ‘their lawn’, it was a long one!

At 11 years of age Beccy and I went our separate ways due to the 11 plus system. We lost touch over the years, but I always remembered those childhood days as the start of a lifelong love of horses.

Fast forward to November 2001. I had just been made redundant as an Account Manager in a business to business sales environment. I had reached my fourth decade and faced the future with uncertainty. One (auspicious) day the telephone rang, “Hello Pam, it’s Beccy.” My mind rummaged in the deepest, darkest recesses and slowly retrieved the relevant file.nIt had been approximately 20 years since we had last spoken.

A visit was arranged and 20 years of lost time recovered.nDuring this happy encounter Beccy shared her story with the words, “I’m an acupuncturist.” How interesting I thought, ‘what exactly is acupuncture?’ Beccy gave a tantalising description of Five Element acupuncture that intrigued me.

I visited the County Library in the hope that they had books about acupuncture. There were two. I pulled one of them off the shelf. The title fitted my line of enquiry exactly, ‘Is Acupuncture for You?’ That’s what I’m wondering, Professor Worsley, I mused. He was the founder of the first Five Element college in the UK.

Beccy’s words and JR’s book changed my life. I was hooked. I was moved to tears at the beauty of helping ‘dis-eased’ people through the medium of Five Element Acupuncture. So many of J.R’s comments captivated my heart. For the first time in my life I was one hundred per cent sure of what I wanted to do, I had no doubts at all about pursuing a career in acupuncture.

Five Element treatment and diagnosis made so much sense. Of course the macrocosm of nature is within us in microcosm. The seasons of the year and rhythms of nature affect our health and wellbeing. In ancient times they believed we should go to bed when it was dark and rise with the light. This meant long hours of sleep in winter and longer hours of waking in summer. Perhaps if our modern world permitted this today we would see less depression and the condition entitled SAD?

It was with great excitement that I crossed the threshold of The College of Traditional Acupuncture In Leamington Spa to pursue three years of under graduate study. Since that time I have never wavered in my desire to be a Five Element practitioner. In 2013 I completed 2 years of post graduate study with master practitioner Niki Bilton. You never stop learning with this type of medicine, with its emphasis on treating the individual not the labelled illness. For example, I see many people suffering from conditions such as asthma, depression and migraines, but I don’t have a formula (pill) designed for those conditions. I treat the person. We believe emotions can be one of the causes of disease, and sometimes, I diagnose that patient X’s asthma is rooted in emotional causes and does not start and finish at the physical level.

Thank you JR, and Beccy, you transformed my life. Wonderful.