Kim Cattrall and Grief

“It was like a 250 pound gorilla sitting on my chest, I couldn’t get it off me, it was always around 3 am… I didn’t know how to get if off. It was almost a feeling that if I slept I would have to deal with the grief underneath it… coming to terms intellectually of my dad passing…and the emotional loss…”

These were words spoken by the actress recently whilst being interviewed by television presenter Piers Morgan when she talked about the death of her father. She seemed baffled by these feelings and I thought if she had some knowledge of Acupuncture, she could make more sense of what happened to her. Acupuncture theory can elucidate what she was experiencing physically and emotionally regarding her heartache. Let me describe how.

Western medicine does not ascribe emotions to each of the major organs of the body they only attribute a purely physical function to them. In contrast acupuncture concepts believe there is an emotion linked to specific body parts, for example, the heart is the seat of joy, the liver assertion, the kidneys vigilance and arousal and the stomach and spleen hold thoughtfulness.

The Lungs are responsible for connection and loss also referred to as grief. This ties in with where she felt the gorilla’s weight, where the lung organs are situated in the “chest.”

Another contrast between eastern and western medical belief is that acupuncture philosophy works with a 24 hour clock which places a two hour peak of performance in a 24 hour cycle to each organ. How interesting that Kim always woke at “3 am”, because this is the specific time when the two hours of peak of lung performance starts. It makes complete sense to an acupuncturist that this is always a time when she felt her “intellectual” and “emotional” loss most keenly.

In summary, Kim feelings were in complete harmony with how acupuncture views the physical and emotional workings of the body. Were she to have an understanding of the concepts involved with the mechanisims of the lungs she would gain peace of mind about the weight on her chest and the 3 am awakening.