The Internal Causes Of Disease

Do you ever wonder why you developed frequent ‘migraines’ in your forties when previously you hardly ever suffered from headaches? Or, why in your thirties you start having ‘asthma’ attacks for the first time?

For over 2000 years Chinese medicine has understood that some physical health problems originate from emotional causes.

Let me explain, the Chinese call this The Seven Internal Causes of Disease. These are the emotions of overthinking, shock, fear, excitation, sadness, oppression and anger. These seven emotions encompass all feelings. For example, anger can include frustration, depression, resentment, irritation, bitterness and rage.

In health it is natural to express emotions as a response to a certain situation. If, however, these emotions are not fully acknowledged and expressed they might become a cause of disease that will impact our biological health. Unlike Western medicine the major organs of the body have an emotional as well as a physical function. Unsurprisingly, the heart is joy, the kidneys vigilance (arousal), the stomach and spleen emotion is thoughtfulness, the liver assertion (surging), and the lungs connection and loss (grief). To illustrate how this may generate physical symptoms, overthinking predominantly affects the stomach and spleen and may cause poor digestive health in a patient.

It is not uncommon when taking a new patient’s case history to reveal that their asthma symptoms which developed in their fifties are as a result of the sudden, unexpected death of a loved one ten years earlier. At the time of loss they didn’t express their grief but kept it bottled inside. Unexpressed emotions don’t vanish into the ether they sit inside us and can become a cause of physical illness.

In summary, not all bodily health problems start at the physical level. The root cause of some issues can be traced back to a pent-up, unresolved feeling that has been inside someone for as little as twelve months to as long a period as forty/fifty years or more. In my experience acupuncturists not infrequently diagnose one of the Seven Internal Causes of Disease as the root cause of their patients bad health.

Pam Everitt
Lic.Ac., BA (Hons), MBAcC