Five-Element Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese believed that human beings are subject to the same laws and motions that govern the natural world. They identified five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – that compose all living matter, including the human body.
In Chinese philosophy, every living thing and every person is a unique embodiment of the five elements.

In order for Qi to flow freely through the body, the Five Elements and their associated organs need to be working in harmony. So, for example, when the heart (fire element) is in balance, it is able to govern the blood and the circulation and to provide essential life to the other organs. If the heart is not working properly, we may experience symptoms such as tiredness, insomnia or feeling too hot or too cold as a result of poor circulation. On an emotional level, we may suffer from depression.

As a Five-Element practitioner, I am trained to understand the Five Elements and how they manifest in people. This helps me to identify the root cause of symptoms, and to select the appropriate points on the body to heal the underlying disorder.

‘The five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water are not just the foundations of this wonderful system of medicine: they are the foundation of all nature around us’

J.R. Worsley