What my acupuncture patients say

“I went to Pam after being told I have asthma. I am in my forties and had never had breathing problems previously, but I was told it was common for people to develop asthma later in life.

After much time and many headaches on how to solve this “asthma” I ended up having acupuncture with Pam. This is where I learned that it wasn’t asthma. Pam explained that unlike Western medicine where physical problems start and end at the physical level, Eastern medicine frequently diagnoses emotional issues as the root ‘cause’ of a physical condition. This made absolute sense, I had experienced a lot of emotional trauma in my life and this was affecting my breathing capabilities.

Pam was amazing she taught me so much. Please try acupuncture for all sorts of ailments.”
Chris S. Cheltenham.

‘I am so relieved that I overcame my fear of needles to have the treatment. The benefits have been far greater than I ever imagined and I now wish I’d done it years ago. Relief from menopausal symptoms, increased energy levels and less back pain have been just some of the results of the treatment. I’d recommend it to everyone.’
Marlene, Gloucester

‘After my acupuncture treatment yesterday, I woke up this morning and felt normal. It’s the first time in five years since my mother died that I’ve felt truly happy. Thank you.’
Christine, Newent

‘I had suffered from rhinitis since I was a child. The symptoms were hard to bear and I despaired of finding anything that would help. I couldn’t breathe properly, my sinuses were blocked and my head would feel as if it was filled with concrete. As a last resort I tried acupuncture. After three treatments, the symptoms disappeared. I felt as if I’d been given a new lease of life. I hoped acupuncture would help me, and it did. What I hadn’t expected were the other benefits I received from treatment. I also suffered from digestive problems, neck and shoulder stiffness; these too have gone. That was an added bonus.’
Steve, Glos.

‘I found Pam to be very courteous and professional; she explained everything to me and put me completely at ease. Following my initial consultation, Pam tailored my treatments around the problems I was experiencing with my kidneys, which has proved to be extremely successful. Since October 2006 when I began my acupuncture treatment with Pam I have not suffered from any kidney infections. The improvement Pam’s treatment has made to my quality of life is incredible and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.’
David, Cheltenham

‘Before I began my Five-Element Acupuncture treatment with Pam, I felt like I was carrying a rucksack of unresolved emotions around with me. I feel like a different person now. Since I started having the treatment, I have felt much more emotionally free and focused, which has enabled me to move forward with my life and to become a mother. I continued my treatment throughout my pregnancy and I enjoyed a very positive pregnancy and labour experience, continually feeling very closely bonded with my baby. Thank you, Pam.’
Stephanie, Cirencester

‘I have been positively affected by Pam’s acupuncture on all three levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The most profound effect has been in balancing, releasing and integrating buried emotions and giving me a much lighter sense of being. Thank you, Pam!’
Elizabeth, Stroud

‘I first came to Pam for treatment for chronic back pain, which was so bad that I was unable to walk any distance unaided. Pam took a full health history and asked about other problems which I hadn’t even thought acupuncture could treat, such as insomnia and poor concentration. After the first few treatments I soon found that not only my mobility but also my other problems improved tremendously. In fact, I was able to walk unaided and play with my little girl again after the first couple of sessions.

‘I now see Pam every six weeks, which keeps my chronic problems under control. Pam has been so flexible and approachable over the past two years, I have no hesitation in recommending her.’
Anke, Gloucester

These testimonials do not represent evidence, but the personal opinion of the patients I have treated